"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is."— H. Jackson Browne

What You Can Expect At A Reology Retreat:
Re-creation not just recreation.

Our bi-annual retreats, held in beautiful locations around the world, are for people serious about making changes in their lives.

  • Couples fall in love again.
  • Individuals learn to love themselves and others better.
  • We all free ourselves up from being overly concerned with what others think.
  • We take the next step in our process of individuating.
  • We discover deeper meaning in our lives.

“I left the retreat feeling lastingly and almost genetically changed, and incredibly alive.” H.T.—San Diego

In this week a paradigm shift occurs that is unique to this practice. You will never quite see the world in the same way again. You will learn a practice where every time you speak you bring yourself to the present moment and re-center yourself.


Language is how we make meaning.

If we change the way we use our words, we will change the meaning of our lives. We can stop stimulating the fear centers in our brains. Stop seeing the world in black and white terms. Stop being overly concerned with what other people think. And as we make this change we more easily discover our passions and our purpose.

Reology provides the missing ingredient

There is a missing ingredient to every other practice—psychological, spiritual, and mindfulness. Over fifty years ago, a leading pioneer in the human potential movement set out to find it. And he did. John Weir, PhD. and his wife, Joyce, discovered and refined a new way to talk to oneself and to others. Communicating in this way will:

  • Bring you into the present moment
  • Provide a clear sense of boundaries
  • Help you stay connected to yourself
  • Eliminate arguing about who’s right and wrong
  • Gives you a sense of control over your emotional life
  • Eliminate fear of judgment and unhealthy dependencies
  • Free you from anxiety about the future and regrets about the past
  • Give you permission to be different and more accepting of others

Any practice that you may already have—be it psychological, spiritual, or mindfulness—will be enhanced by learning this new way of using language. And if you don’t have any practice at all, this can become your practice. When the Weirs retired in the late 1990’s they invited us (Jake and Hannah Eagle) to carry on this body of work—a new way to communicate that will shift your consciousness.

“Each time I go to a Reology retreat I grow. I gain some maturity, some wisdom, and some grace. I also reconnect more fully with myself and what it is that I truly value. An unexpected bonus for me has been that each time I attend one of these retreats, I fall even more deeply in love with my partner, myself, and my life.”   K.B—Santa Fe

Reconnect with yourself

A week away from your busy life allows you time to reflect, recalibrate and reconnect. This is made easier because you will be well cared for and nurtured, eat healthy food and have time to catch up with yourself.

  • Each day begins with a sensory awareness meditation to get you centered and present, followed by a daily mini-lecture that presents the underlying thinking behind Reology.
  • Experiential exercises, ranging from playful to profound, allow you to reconnect with yourself in new and healthier ways. Movement and music provide integration from mind to body.
  • You will have 3 consecutive hours of quiet personal time each day, and during our longer retreats, you will have 2 half-days for rest or excursions.
  • You will enjoy healthy gourmet cuisine shared with a community of people whose very presence will enrich your retreat experience.
  • You will return home refreshed, re-invigorated and renewed in mind, body and spirit.
  • You will have a practice you can use—every time you speak—to re-center yourself and reconnect with other people in a respectful and mature way.
  • You will have a new community to support you and help you integrate this practice into your life.

Limited to 20 participants

Partial Scholarships Are Available

Each one of these retreats is limited to 20 participants because we want to maintain the ideal balance between diversity and intimacy. Just enough different kinds of people to be interesting, but not so many that anyone gets lost.

If you’d like to learn more, please send an email to info@liveconscious.com or call 808-315-8685.

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