Playa Viva Private Casita

Photo by Randolph Langenbach courtesy of Playa Viva


Retreat for Individuals and Couples at Playa Viva in Mexico

Our annual retreat at Playa Viva is a chance for you to step back from your life and make significant changes. After you learn to use presence instead of force to move through the world—your life will never be the same. After you learn to slow down, pay attention, speak maturely, and act kindly—your relationships will never be the same. Click here to learn more about our retreats. Or, continue reading below to learn specifically about our retreats at Playa Viva in Mexico.

We have loved holding our annual Warm Water Winter Retreat at Playa Viva in Mexico. Playa Viva is an environmentally-conscious resort designed to provide an environment that will broaden your perspective, open your heart and remind you of the interconnection between all living things. Playa Viva is committed to preserving the cultures, traditions, communities, species and habitats that make this planet worth exploring.


Playa Viva Lodging

Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva


Lodging and meals range from $850 — $1,750 per person for this 7-night, 8-day retreat. Rooms are chosen from the list below on a first-come basis. Price includes 3 meals a day, taxes and minimal tips.

  • Quad room rate $850 per person
  • Triple room rate $950.00 per person
  • Double room rate $1250.00 per person (suited for couples)
  • Small sleeping space with bathroom downstairs: $1350.00 (single)
  • Small sleeping space with bathroom downstairs: $1000.00 (per person as shared space)
  • Deluxe private room rate $1750.00 (single)
  • Deluxe “Treehouse” for a couple is $1750.00 per person

Please call Hannah (808) 854-0473 or write to hannah@liveconscious.com to find out which rooms are still available and to make a reservation. Rooms are limited, so please reserve your lodging as early as possible.


Playa Viva Pool

Photo by Steve Keller courtesy of Playa Viva


  • Tuition including all materials: $1,595.00
  • A limited tuition assistance fund is available to help individuals who could not otherwise afford to attend this program. Please contact us for details by writing to info@liveconscious.com.

Training Schedule

Playa Viva Common Area

Photography by Randolph Langenback courtesy of Playa Viva


There will be three sessions most days, but they are structured so that every day we have a three-hour block of time to enjoy the ocean, spa treatments and outdoor adventures. We will have two half-days without class, during which we can enjoy excursions such as:

  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Hiking
  • Boat trips
  • Birdwatching


Cancellation Refund Policy

Playa Viva Food

Photo by Casey Cochran courtesy of Playa Viva


We limit this retreat to 22 participants. After 22 people register, we put the names of additional people on a wait list. If you register now for this program and then later you cancel, as soon as we fill your spot with someone else—so that we maintain a full program—we will refund you the money you have paid toward your tuition. However, if we are unable to resell your spot, your tuition fees are non-refundable.

If you cancel 90 days prior to the start of the program your room fee will be refunded. If you cancel within 90 days of the start of the program, room fees will not be refunded unless we resell the room you reserved.

Release From Liability Form

Playa Viva Tossing the Net

Photo by Cecilia Simon courtesy of Playa Viva


During the workshop sessions we will be encouraging you to participate in some physical activities. Each of these activities may involve inherent risks of injury to your person or property. In keeping with our emphasis on personal responsibility we want to remind you that you are responsible for assessing the appropriateness for you of any of the activities in which you choose to participate. Please be aware that by participating in any such activities you do so at your own risk.

Upon arriving at the workshop we will ask you to sign a Release From Liability, thereby indicating that you agree to release and hold harmless Two Eagles Inc., and its officers and employees, from any liability arising from negligence in selecting, recommending, encouraging and/or participating with you in activities related to, or part of, this workshop.