"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is."— H. Jackson Browne

Learn How to Live and Love Consciously

Do you feel overwhelmed, conflicted, or like a victim of your circumstances? It’s common. And, in part, it’s the result of the fast paced, multi-tasking world we live in. That’s why we invite small groups of people to join us in beautiful and remote locations for week long retreats. In our retreats you’ll learn how to live and love more consciously. As you do so, life becomes your canvas and you become an artist.

And instead of being in relationships that feel like hard work, and experiencing relationship deja vu—a different partner, but the same dynamic—you’ll learn how to make love easy.

"Between the stimulus and the response there's a space, and in that space is our power and our freedom."— Victor Frankl

To sample our work, join our next i-Workshop:

i-Workshops are a place to come and actually work on yourself and see others work on themselves while being consciously mentored by Jake Eagle. This is not a webinar in which information will be spewed all over you. No! We will share one valuable idea each i-Workshop and then ask for volunteers to show you how to put the idea into action.

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For fifteen years we’ve been conducting retreats around the world, gathering small groups of 20 people at a time and living together in community, learning and practicing how to live and love consciously. We will share with you some remarkable new tools so that you can:

  • Eliminate negative self-talk and speak to yourself and others in an empowered way
  • Learn how to access and navigate different regions of your brains
  • Let go of the past and live in the present
  • Create a healthy personal narrative
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ReRight Your Life, An Introduction To Reology


If you can’t or don’t want to wait for an upcoming Reology Retreat, the quickest and most accessible way to begin exploring Reology is our introductory primer, ReRight Your Life, An Introduction To Reology.

It will bring you an actionable and profound understanding and set of reflective tools that will allow you to begin to Re-Right, re-direct and re-align your life so that you learn how to be happy.

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