What Past Participants Have Said About Our Retreats

“The staggering Aha! moment in a Live Conscious lab comes with the realization that I am actually the source of all of the negative feelings (and positive too) I attribute to the words and actions of others.  The result is a profound reorientation in which I cease to be a victim and start experiencing the freedom of my selfhood, liberated from the fear of judgement and the need for approval. A Live Conscious lab offers a very special environment where, in an emotional safe zone, you can practice looking at yourself and the people around you in a new way that removes the nearly universal framework of praise and blame in which we normally live. The lab consists of lectures, sensory awareness exercises, music, movement, dreamwork, and a series of experiences that encourage new ways of interacting, relating and being present, all the while practicing the language of Perception Language. The result is a blend of experiences ranging from the playful to the profound.  My experience of Live Conscious is that it is life-changing, especially in the context of an intimate relationship. In a few days I extracted myself from a deep rut, experienced seeing my partner with wonderfully fresh eyes, and best of all, shed my armor and rediscovered the ability to love more deeply.  My impression of my lab mates is that virtually everyone experienced something profound.  The theme in common is powerful self acceptance and the reawakening of the ability to relate deeply and fearlessly. One afternoon at the lab, walking barefoot after a storm, just having eaten a healthy meal, heading to the circle to experience another session with my new circle of warriors, I thought why can’t life always be this perfect? And then I realized, it can.”

C.B. — Santa Fe

“This is a retreat in which 20 or so people commit to shifting their use of language in order to remove praise, blame and victimization—resulting in an experience in which I make it possible to take responsibility for my every experience and interaction. This shift in speaking and thinking creates unlimited space for choice. I not only take responsibility for myself, but also create a fluid sense-of-self, with which I can create more ease, curiosity and joy in my life.”

E.M. — Los Angeles

“First of all, I want to thank you both,
from the bottom of my heart,
for all the work and effort you put in
to make these ‘Labs’ healthy, safe,
and productive for all of us.

I honestly don’t think
there is anywhere on the Planet
where one can go to a beautiful place,
with good healthy food,
to Experiment with themselves
and Experience themselves
in new and healthy ways.

There is simply nowhere else where one can go
to Discover themselves deeply,
by using a special and unique way
of speaking to themselves,
and to Grow themselves,
whether it is with their Angels that waft by,
or their Barbarians that thump in their basement.

I get so much out of these Labs
and learn so much about myself.

When I can have myself live in the Orientation long enough,
I find that I am able to Own myself,
Resolve my conflicts and transferences,
Release the tension in my body,
and Free up my energy to flow
in new, fun, healthy and creative ways.

I am already looking forward to the next one!”


“A Live Conscious lab offers self growth in an unbelievably safe place. The tools offered are concrete, simple, practical, and the lab offers multiple opportunities to practice. A life changing experience. Full of love and fun!”

J.R. — Santa Fe

“Various schools of psychology have talked for a long time about taking personal responsibility for one’s feelings and for one’s life.  Yet when psychotherapy is actually practiced, so much emphasis is placed on the exploration of one’s feelings as the path towards freedom from one’s conditioning that the client doesn’t really learn to take the next step in relationship to feelings—to observe and contain and truly own one’s reality as just your own. Our everyday language allows us to continue to project responsibility of our feeling states onto others—”he makes me sad” or “it angered me”—keeping us in the passive role.

Perception Language, as taught by Jake and Hannah Eagle, offers a communication practice and a life perspective that truly liberates us from the tyranny of taking responsibility for other’s feelings and from the burden of staying stuck in our own feelings as well.   They offer a simple and powerfully effective language style woven into a deep understanding of human development that allows us to observe and move through long standing feelings, making room for joy, play and love.”

M.W. — California

“I learned to speak the language of personal responsibility and to understand myself more fully, including the various ways in which I need to change myself and the ways in which I use past experiences to frame present and future ones.”

G.H. — Berkeley

“I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is challenging themselves with growing in their personal and professional lives, and especially for those who need a new framework for putting past difficult experiences into perspective.”

H.H. — California


“I experienced a cellular transition of letting go, moving forward, and CHANGE.”

S.H. — Santa Fe

”I believe the work of Live Conscious, by it’s principles of spiritual acceptance, compassion, and non-judgment creates an arena for transition and change.”

S.A. — Pecos

“I have me claiming my health and claiming change in me.”

A.T. — Taos

“I experienced health, serenity, freedom, and release of self-victimization.”

S.S. — Espanola

“What I attracted myself to with regards to the retreat was when I experienced my partner—who had already been to a retreat—using Perception Language, and I found it to be a disarming way to communicate that took out the knee jerk reaction and defensiveness.”

G.T. — Albuquerque


“I fill myself up the most from the witness process during the retreat. I enjoy myself the most when someone reveals himself or herself and there are no responses, no comments. I enjoy luxuriating in the sense and feeling of the NOW! When there is only silence.”

T.L. — Sandia

“The Live Conscious retreat is a unique opportunity for me to experience a time of intimacy while deepening my understanding about myself.”

C.B. — Albuquerque

“I believe that Live Conscious retreats offer a time for personal work through three different levels of exploration—in the circle with the group, through the lectures, and with the sensory awareness.”

H.E. — Santa Fe

“I allow myself to stop my daily routine and contemplate myself. I give myself space and a safe conduit to analyze, discover, and realize my way of perceiving reality so I can be clearer with the meaning that I give to my interpretation of myself.”

L.S. — Santa Fe

“The location was extraordinary. I cannot think of a better way to look into my issues and meditate upon my life, like when I am surrounded by beauty.”

P.C. —Denver

“I was looking for an opportunity to center myself again, challenge myself in a different context and look into myself so I could grow and become clearer of what I want and what are my priorities at this time in my life.”

K.B. — Santa Fe

”I realized that the men I have been in relationship with didn’t make me lose myself, growing up in my family didn’t make that happen, I did. I am the one who lost myself.”

S.S. — Santa Fe

“I surprised myself with the experience of being in a group where the pervasive sense is one of non-threat, no blame no praise. I do not perceive myself as being a “group” type, but I appreciate the dynamic of stepping outside oneself and sharing how we each hurt ourselves with our old paradigms and myths.”

G.G. — New Mexico

“You know when you come across something so life changing that you feel you HAVE to share it?! Well, this is what I’m doing so I hope you read more! I was introduced to Live Conscious about a year ago when I read an online article by Jake Eagle and Hannah Eagle about developing healthy relationships. What I read in just that short article changed my life, so I decided to read Jake’s book. Upon finishing the book, I immediately checked out their website and decided to go to a week-long retreat in New Mexico to work with them. It transformed my life for the better and in ways I can’t easily put into words.

Live Conscious teaches us how to create emotional freedom, how to relate to ourselves and others in a more clear way, and how to communicate effectively. It is a practical, grounded, proven approach to bring about personal growth, and I can attest to that!

Jake and Hannah are now offering exciting new programs to spread this wisdom of Live Conscious! You have the chance to work with them directly to gain plain-spoken, clear perspectives and learn how to set Live Conscious ideas and tools into motion in your own life. They are offering online interactive i-Workshops, and even the opportunity to talk one-on-one with them to gain a fresh, new perspective on an area you feel stuck in in your life.

Jake and Hannah are two of the most genuine, loving and supportive people I have ever met. I look up to them with the utmost respect and love them deeply for the work they are doing and the people they are. The Live Conscious family I now belong to is like nothing I have experienced, and I would love for others to experience the same!”

A.H. — Concord, NH

”I now stay present with myself and accept many different parts of myself. I don’t run from myself—which kept me from being present. Previous to Live Conscious I would leave my body and try to avoid situations where I might discomfort myself because of a judgment I’m making about myself. Now I stay with myself and feel more of myself, which is leading to much better decisions in my life.”

L.L. —Portland

“It is now very easy for me to accept people without understanding them. My world is full to the brim with friends where before, I had just a few and did not make new ones often.”

R.V. — Alaska

“Each time I go to a Live Conscious retreat I grow. I gain some maturity, some wisdom, and some grace. I also reconnect more fully with myself and what it is that I truly value. An unexpected bonus for me has been that each time I attend one of these retreats, I fall even more deeply in love with my partner, myself, and life.”

K.B. — Santa Fe

“Going to the retreat was like forming a new relationship with a new person and I’m that person.”

A.B. — Santa Fe

”I challenged myself during the Live Conscious retreat to look head on at the various ways I was making myself unhappy and victimizing myself both in my personal and professional relationships. Through using this new language of personal responsibility I was able to see how I had even begun framing my life experiences in a way that did not allow me to grow and change.”

B.B. — San Francisco

”I helped myself with Perception Language by seeing how I stuck myself for so much of my life. In the training I ceased blaming or praising . . . yes, others, and “life,” but more importantly for me, I quit blaming myself. I quit judging myself so harshly. I began to accept and respect myself. I began to honor myself in the space I created for myself when I quit judging myself. Perception Language helps me make this space for myself, in the training, and since the training.”

D.C. — Kansas

”I excite myself and find I feel so much more alive in myself. The important part for me is that I find myself so very alive IN ME, and far less dependent on responses from others.”

B.E. — New Mexico

“I have created a shift in my consciousness, similar to what I experience when I enter meditation practice. “Regular” language elicits separation and duality, in me. By changing my language so I am in the awareness of how I create “out there” in me, I discover my oneness with the outside. I experience practicing Perception Language as active meditation in my process of living.”

M.R. — Washington

“I am living myself now in a new way and will continue on this path.”

R.S. — New Mexico


”My metaphor is that a Live Conscious retreat provides ways to tune our radio station, changing the frequency through which we receive all information, which helps us find heretofore-invisible forces in our lives—forces of health and clarity and maturity.”

A.B. — Santa Fe


“I’m becoming a different ‘me’ as a result of this experience. I’ll keep the relationships I formed with people at the Live Conscious retreat. I’ll stop victimizing myself. I’ll establish much better relationships with my children. I will model this new way of talking so that I am a better partner and parent the rest of my life.”

”I feel myself closer to my core; so all parts of me show up much more easily. My tears, sadness, laughter, and compassion—they come and they go and I am gently balancing all aspects of myself.”

K.K. — Colorado Springs

P.T. — Colorado

“Each time I go to a Live Conscious retreat I grow. I gain some maturity, some wisdom, and some grace. I fully reconnect with myself and my values.  An unexpected bonus for me has been to fall even more deeply in love with my partner, myself, and life each time.”

K.B. — Santa Fe

“I decided upon arrival that I wanted to look at my relationship with my nine year old daughter.  I have struggled with this relationship since she was about a year and have worked with a therapist extensively to help better my interactions with her. I have been amazed at the HUGE shift I had around dealing with her and my lack of patience and acceptance of this little person in my life.  This is something I haven’t been able to do in eight years of therapy.”

L.C. — Seattle

 “Attending the Live Conscious Retreat in such an amazing setting . . . sleeping with elk, consuming only fabulous healthy food, meditating, laughing, and relating with the other participants chiseled away at the crust that had grown over me for the past many years. I experienced spiritual and emotional connections that broke down that distant, sluggish and depressed soul that was inside me.

I was able to gift my mind, body and soul with radiance and  a new perspective so that I am finally awake again. I am now taking ownership as to how I am going to work through my relationship hiccups, refocus on parenting excellence and address ongoing work challenges.

Make no mistake, this was one of the most challenging things I have ever done but super rewarding.”

Michael O.

“The group environment allowed me to witness myself and be witnessed by others even when I found myself haunted by past demons—the “Barbarians that go running around in the basements of our lives” and which poison our relationships because growth and reconciliation in the past was skipped or overlooked.”

C.B. — Albuquerque