Being Ok with Being You

One the greatest challenges any of us has is getting to self-acceptance. Yet, that is one of the most vital things we need to accomplish if we are to learn how to be happy. Whatever your life style, whether you are straight or gay, tall or short, male or female, round or lean, you can begin to like what you see and like who you are. You can begin to accept yourself and appreciate yourself.

Healthy self-esteem and valuing yourself is the very basis of a happy life and the foundation of successful relationships. However, before you can be okay with being you, you have some work to do.

You need to figure out who you are and what you value. You need to learn to live your own unique life, discover your purpose, and become less concerned with what other people think.
You need to recognize the skills that need developing before you can earn the life you desire. You have to make adjustments, create new boundaries and agreements with the people in your life, and take complete responsibility for yourself.

A Live Conscious retreat is designed to give you the tools to do this and bring you to a new understanding of yourself, so you can feel happy and relaxed in that knowledge.

Once you do the work and achieve “self-okayness” something wonderful happens. You begin to accept those around you. When you no longer question yourself and your own worth, your relationships have more value and bring more joy and fulfillment.

You will be free to be yourself. You’ll see yourself and your own choices in a new and healthier way. Your inner critic quiets down. You are more able to individuate from your parents or mates. You realize the value you bring just by being you. You accept criticism or direction with a healthier attitude because you do not have to protect yourself from yourself and your own negative views. Once you do, you will be able to accept and value your choices without insecurity, indecision and self-doubt.

The more comfortable you are with yourself the more comfortable others will be with you and the more comfortable your life will become. “I like me” is one of the most powerful realizations you can have. After that, the rest becomes much easier.

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