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How To Deal With Despair

What emotion do you find most challenging? For me, it’s despair. I leave myself empty with despair. I used to find it hard to see any value at all in despair. Despair is not like anger—with anger I can motivate myself in constructive ways. It’s not like depression—when I depress myself I often gain valuable insights. Despair […]

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Remake Ourselves

 “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world  . . . as in being able to remake ourselves.”   Gandhi Have you ever wanted to change your name—even for a day? It’s a really interesting thing to do. When people attend our retreats, this is part of the […]

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The Worst Thing I Almost Ever Did To Myself

If you consistently read our blogs you know that, recently, my mother passed away. The way I have processed her death has been very—I’m searching for right word—nourishing, affirming, enlightening. These seem like strange words to use when talking about losing someone I dearly love. Yet, I feel good about the way I spontaneously responded […]

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Being Human

Feel stuck? How do you un-stick yourself? By being human. I recently had a patient come in, a lovely, fairly successful, quite confident teacher in the field of personal growth. She was feeling stuck in her life. She could not motivate herself to do the things she needed to do to promote her work, something […]

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Happier World

 Can You Redo Yourself? This morning while driving our grandson to school, his mother called him on his iPhone. (I don’t think 12-year-olds should have iPhones, but his father bought it for him and his parents are divorced—and well—you can imagine the rest.) At least he uses the speaker phone so not to expose his […]

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Ecology of the Heart | Huffington Post

How does Reology relate to the ecology of the heart? There was an article in Huffington Post this week written by Radhanath Swami, relating spiritual awareness to ecology called, “The Bhakti Way of Investing in the Ecology of the Heart”. The Swami had been approached in a New Delhi airport by  the Union Minister for Environment […]

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Becoming More of Who You Already Are | Psychology Today | Self Acceptance

What if we didn’t try so hard to be someone other than who we are? Ingrid Matthieu writes in Psychology Today that many of her clients believe that if they were “thin, pretty, enlightened, funny, smart, had a boyfriend/girlfriend, were richer, less anxious, less fearful, less of themselves, then they would be happy: forever.”  Sounds […]

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