Relationship Reboot

Relationships, unlike fine wines and cheeses, do not always age well and improve with time. Some become stale and bitter under the constant assaults of time and obligations, pressures and bills and living our lives on autopilot.

In many long-term romantic relationships we may experience the creeping malaise of what was once exciting and invigorating becoming mundane. After many years you may begin to suffer from the friction that comes from poor communication or words we never say.

We are taught early on that relationships are hard work. We learn to sacrifice our “selfs” to keep the peace. We give up what’s important to us or do without because we ‘re told that’s the “real world”. We settle for less than we want and question if we really deserve more.

Left unattended, our relationships can deteriorate to the point where they become untenable or undesirable.

Is that eventuality beyond rescue? It doesn’t have to be. The key to keeping a relationship alive is keeping yourself alive by continuing to explore, learn, and grow. Also key is learning how to communicate better and create healthy boundaries.

Are you willing to invest in yourself and your relationship? Live Conscious retreats are designed specifically for you to renew and revitalize your relationship so you can do more than just survive in your marriage, but thrive in your marriage.

To determine if this is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

Do I settle for less than I want?
Would I rather be right than happy?
How do I earn my partner’s love and respect everyday?
Do I treat my partner the way I want to be treated?
How do I stop indifference from creeping in?
Can I have a second time around with the one I’m with?

If you are looking to revitalize, re-energize and rescue your relationship, what you will learn at a Live Conscious retreat will give you the tools you need to bring it back to life. Rebooting a relationship can bring all that you want to what you’ve already got. It’s not too late to have the life and relationship you’ve always wanted.

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