Make This Marriage Your Only Marriage

Ironic isn’t it, that for many, the notion of “till death do us part” has come apart at the seams. As many as 50% of Americans who happily walked down the aisle end up walking away from their marriage. None of us need to be wedded to the idea that this has to be.

How your marriage ends up can be determined by how you two start out. Being married doesn’t mean you know how to be married. But, that’s something you can learn to do and you need to start early.

Becoming a couple and still being two individual people is a challenge. One that takes patience and nuance. Meeting the needs of your “other” while getting your own needs met depends on your ability to communicate with them. Unexpressed emotions only grow, they don’t go away.

Relationships, especially long term ones, are made up of individual moments. Years are made of days and days are made of hours.
At a Live Conscious retreat you will learn to make each one count.

You will learn the language of relationship longevity. Learn to re-examine and re-align your expectations so they are attainable and realistic. You will learn to re-view your inner goals so your relationship is supported in the long run.

A Live Conscious retreat teaches you not just to talk but to communicate. How to ask for what you want so you can get it. How to speak your truth so you get heard. And how to listen deeply and appreciate the values that brought you two together.

In the end, a happy, successful marriage is simple, but not easy to obtain. It takes work, but the more work you do at the start the more you will have to work with as the years go by.


Make Love Easy

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After the Honeymoon

After the Honeymoon

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