Facing 50 and Beyond

Fifty is not what fifty used to be, not by a long shot. As our longevity increases, 50 is not the beginning of a long slow slide into obscurity. In fact, exactly the opposite can be true. Fifty can be a time to re-focus on growing wise, and an opportunity to “check-in” with yourself in order to become the active author of the next chapters of your life. Re-righting your life story so your life comes out the “right” way, the way you’d like it to be.

You have come a long way. You have learned a lot. You may no longer be willing to waste much time on things that are mediocre. You realize that your time on earth is limited. You may have lost loved ones. You may be dealing with aging parents. All of these things bring poignancy to your life, urging you to make the most out of your time, your relationships, and your contribution—to create a legacy you will be proud to leave behind.

A Live Conscious retreat will help you dispel the myths you have been telling yourself. You will re-view your life through a new prism. 50 and beyond is a time of great adventure to be looked forward to with a sense of excitement not dread.

In a Live Conscious retreat you will have a chance to re-evaluate, re-do and re-configure your life, a life you can look forward to without “should haves, and could haves”—a life that welcomes the future. One where you give yourself permission to rejoice rather than regret so you can change facing 50 into embracing 50.

In our youth focused culture, a Live Conscious retreat will provide a necessary re-interpretation of the very notion of what it means to be getting older, staying vital and vigorous and excited about your life. The work includes re-viewing and re-righting past issues so you’ll have no regrets. So today and tomorrow can be vigorously embraced yet deeply meaningful as well. This is your chance to re-make your life so that you end up looking back with satisfaction.

Remember that 3/4 of sage is age.

The Sweet Spot

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In the course of our lives we are likely to experience what’s known as a sweet spot—this is a place where everything comes together and produces the best possible result with minimal effort. A sweet spot can last for an extended period of time, resulting in deep satisfaction and fulfillment. Many people reflect upon their […]

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Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.42.59 PM

The Worst Thing I Almost Ever Did To Myself

If you consistently read our blogs you know that, recently, my mother passed away. The way I have processed her death has been very—I’m searching for right word—nourishing, affirming, enlightening. These seem like strange words to use when talking about losing someone I dearly love. Yet, I feel good about the way I spontaneously responded […]

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Preciousness of Life

Kyoto, Japan It is Tuesday evening in Kyoto, Japan. We have just finished conducting a Live Conscious Retreat. In our retreats, all participants use pseudonyms, no one uses their real name. For this retreat Hannah chose the name “Yuuki”, which is the Japanese word for courage, and I chose the name “Mr. Lucky”—which in Japanese […]

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The Keys To Aging Well

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Ken Brill

How To Die Well

I’ll tell you a short story about a friend of mine who showed me how to die—and how to die well. Ken was a flawed person—like all of us. And he used his flaws to fuel his personal growth. This wasn’t natural to him. With a degree in engineering and an MBA from Harvard, he […]

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