Divorce Recovery

Divorce Recovery. Getting Whole Again After You Split.

Your Divorce happened. You’ve gone through the trauma, the anxiety, the pain, the anger. Now that the shock is over, how do you get past the blame and on your way to wholeness again? How do you re-envision and re-form your life and re-empower yourself so that the aftermath is positive, one of health, happiness, and re-birth.

For those who haven’t experienced it, divorce is not just a separation from your mate, it is a separation from your former life. Old friends often take sides or you may find yourself being overlooked from long standing social functions. People who were once part of your life may suddenly become uncomfortable in your presence. Long years as part of a couple may be replaced by long hours of loneliness. These changes can be as traumatic and unsettling as the divorce itself.

Once your anger subsides, the simple act of re-starting your life may be more daunting than you imagined. Just re-discovering who you are as a single person, on your own without compromise, can take a period of time and adjustment.

A Live Conscious retreat gives you a chance to stop and catch your breath, a chance to re-aquaint yourself with your “self” and start over as an individual and not a couple.

This will provide a perfect profound moment to see who you are and see what you want. Once you really get to know, to value, to love and respect yourself, you will be in a better position start again with much greater understanding and self- acceptance.

You will have the chance to look at your part in what went wrong, stop feeling like a victim. You will then be better equipped to attract a new, healthier relationship that serves your needs or find that all you need is you.


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