"Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves."— Walter Anderson

What is Perception Language?

Perception Language is a way to use language that allows you to re-center yourself every time you speak and bring yourself into the present moment.

  • Perception Language is a very specific practice—not something you do just once a day—you practice every time you speak, whether you’re speaking with other people or in the privacy of your own mind. It is is a present tense language, which helps you stay in the moment, because this moment—right now—is the moment you can most easily influence.
  • Perception Language eliminates all praise and blame so that we become less judgmental and less fearful of the judgments of other people. It makes clear—to ourselves and those we speak with—that most of the time we are describing our internal experiences or our personal interpretations of what’s going on around us. We are not describing the world “out there,” but rather the world “in each of us.” It is the only language that captures the subjectivity of our experience, thus eliminating defensiveness and the tendency to tell people about themselves.
  • Perception Language allows you to listen to other people without getting defensive, realizing they are only talking about themselves, and stop making compassion-less judgments of others. It allows you to more easily reveal yourself so that you can better connect with others.