Lasting Change Is Possible

What is the key to making real, lasting change in our lives? As a therapist I used to look to create therapeutic home runs. Some of these felt to the client like a 4×4 across the forehead and others came in the form of a wave of love that produced satori—sudden enlightenment. Although I still […]

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New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! Okay . . . a brand new year. If you read our articles you know that we think one of the most profound things in life is our ability to “redo” ourselves.   What’s a redo? A redo is a chance to exercise our free will, so as soon as we feel […]

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A New Kind of Conversation

A gift for you! We want to share with you three tools that can change the way you communicate, especially with people you love. These tools are more than tools.They help put you in a fundamentally different orientation—a different way of connecting with the people you love. If you were to use these tools, but […]

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Wake Up

I am struggling, challenging myself with my belief that I am a victim and cannot rescue myself from this terrible limitation. So, I am going to write about this, because writing is one of my tried and true methods of healing myself. Inevitably, when I write I discover something about myself that helps me integrate […]

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Alone Together

We each embrace beliefs that shape our lives. Do you believe you are alone or do you believe that we are together? And what about your tribe—which might be your family, religion, or whatever community you identify with. Does your tribe stand alone or together with others?   Alone together—that’s the question I’ve been exploring […]

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          Out of the night that covers me,       Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be       For my unconquerable soul.   In the fell clutch of circumstance       I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance       My head is bloody, but unbowed. […]

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