Blog Hop

I want to thank Elyn Aviva for introducing me to the notion of a blog hop. The purpose of a blog hop is for one blogger to introduce his or her audience to another blogger whose work we highly appreciate. And also, as part of the blog hop I’ve been asked to answer a few […]

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Back To The Future—Now

BACK TO THE FUTURE Yesterday I wore my NOW watch all day long.  This watch was a gift from my husband, Jake, on Valentines Day. The only thing on its’ face is the word NOW—a timely reminder to focus on NOW. BUT NOW IS NOT ALWAYS AN EASY PLACE TO BE Right now I have […]

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How To Stay True To Self

Many of us have been to the mountain top. We know what we feel like when we are open, loving, in touch with ourselves and accessing our own wisdom. Petty little things don’t get to us. Our love and patience are bigger than our fears. We find humor in being human. Why don’t we stay […]

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Why do I bully people?

In my last blog I wrote about my fear of intimacy. It was the most honest I’ve ever been and I’ve spent the week’s following publication watching my reactions to revealing myself. My first response was pride and a warm fuzzy feeling of having bared my soul accompanied by the devastating sadness of having wasted […]

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Lasting Change Is Possible

What is the key to making real, lasting change in our lives? As a therapist I used to look to create therapeutic home runs. Some of these felt to the client like a 4×4 across the forehead and others came in the form of a wave of love that produced satori—sudden enlightenment. Although I still […]

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